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Hi John

Mate, that is the type of item i need.. TY ,, i will have a look at it now..

Appreciate your input re not the best format and people tend not to thumb through something like this, although we have a specific need and this format does actually appear to be appealing to the client we are working with.. Long story short, they are old school and like things the old way – such as faxes – and feel this may have them ‘feeling like’ they are still in the old ways a little.. ;)

We are considering having standard indexed catalogue as you advise and having this type of catalogue in a tab “view our catalogue” or something.. With downloadable etc…

Yeah, need to really consider this – or not consider – am heading out to stores in the coming weeks and will discuss it with them in person to gauge what is wanted..

TY so much mate.. again, always appreciate the input.

Jason ;)

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