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Hi Johny,

I do agree with you whole heartedly, although it is bordering on GREY imports.. meaning that Ken wants to act as an ‘agent’ importing products from overseas to take advantage of lower costs due to licensing agreements from variable sources around the globe. Ken is not required to ‘physically’ import the product, although wouldnt it appear that he is orchestrating the purchase thus circumventing local licensing agreements within Australia for tax/discount reasons and thus the item would technically be considered a grey/parallel import? If Ken is not seeking permission to import it from the intellectual property owner, would the definition fit below?

Parallel import “A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Parallel imports are often referred to as grey product, and are implicated in issues of international trade, and intellectual property.”

Again, this is not really my expertise although it may fall into this catagory.. i know i cant import Coca Cola products from USA as Coca Cola Amatil and other local agencies have the licensing rights and i need to have said items shipped within the USA and then shipped outside of country (to me)..

Jason ;)

Johny, post: 176266 wrote:
Hi Jason,

This is the original comment.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but that doesn’t seem to be grey importing to me. Grey importing would be buying stock from OS, importing said stock, and then acting as the distributor/retailer in competition to the local authorized distributor?

Unless I am mistaken, Ken is looking to arrange storage in the US or UK to buy products from retailers, where they would not normally be sent overseas, then arrange for sending the product direct to the customer in Australia?

Not much different from me jumping on the internet and buying a product from an OS retailer, but just a larger and more organized system.

If so, not sure all those issues come into play as I can’t see it as really being any different from me opening up an ebay account, buying some stuff from here (which I know I can get a lot cheaper than retail in Australia) and then selling to individual customers back is Oz?

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