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Thank you, for reply!

Yes everything you said is true about monetizing and all, but I really can’t publicly announce my business plan at this stage anyway, that wouldn’t be too smart. Monetizing a website is a tricky and risky business, but I guess people who have required skills for this project, will anyway understand its potential in that manner also. Obliviously these sort of projects take time and me saying “during summer” means to get the project to some stage as far as possible. After that sort of time period, I hope to be an situation where we will be able to see if its worth of continuing. I strongly believe to it though.

After all, these sort of skills required are fairly uncommon and so I know it is a long shot if randomly some similar minded person just bumps in to this, but there’s a 0% chance of finding anyone like that if I am not even trying. Also if any of you know a other great platform or way to find people with skills like these please share it with me.

I am not extremely happy to outsource this project. I have looked into freelancing and web-development companies, but I believe it will take most of the fun out of this sort of project. :)