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Hi Alex,

Glad you are keen to get some feedback. Hopefully none of the below will dent your confidence.

You have a decent site all up and it’s pretty functional as is. Very neatly structured. If I was going to pick at some points, they would be:

  • I’m not a huge fan of diagonal pattern backgrounds. I always think you should just have a solid colour behind body text. Probably more preference than proven best practice, but worth considering.
  • It’s obviously a style choice but I’m not a fan of the skeuomorphic steel buttons. It looks a bit 90’s. I would switch your primary call to action buttons to the red background. That is by far the most distinctive colour on the page.
  • Put your phone number front and centre on top of the page. It will make it much easier for people to find your number and call you.
  • I’ve found some web users get a bit confused by having drop-down menus from links. For example the Contact navigation item links to an important page but also has a distracting drop-down. Some people only think they can click links in the drop down.

    To get even more confusing when we click Portfolio (or Services) it just links to the first page (Bedrooms). Although most people won’t really notice, this is an unusual and inconsistent usability quirk. The simple fix is to just double up a link in the drop down that says ‘Contact Details’ or ‘Enquiry Form’ and just links to the Contact page.

  • And put call to action buttons on the bottom of each service page. Not just a text link to Contact Us, make a full break out section that grabs attention and tells people how they can get this great service. All the content is there, it just needs more visual emphasis.
  • I don’t think the blue you’ve chosen for link text works with the other colours. You may need to scale back the brightness so it matches the deep red.
  • If you can get the subscribe form on the page rather than linking to another page that would be ideal. I also wouldn’t worry about separating the Free eBook and Subscribe. The eBook is the reward for subscribing.