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Hi Cindy,

I hope things are picking up for you!

Here are a few suggestions for my 2 cents, some have already been said which I agree with…

Design improvements
• Invest in a professional logo
• At present the website appears like an information site, rather than a shop. There are exceptions but generally online stores are clean and open with a lot of white space and obvious ‘shop’ icons.
• There are some readability issues with the text on top of the background. It’s little things like this that make a subtle negative impression on viewers.

Have you tried online shops like Etsy? That could be a good market for you to look into.

Google rankings are mainly effected by quality content. If you don’t have time to write some, maybe look at hiring someone to help.

Sponsored posts on Facebook work really well for little cost. The reach you achieve even for $10 is a lot more than a normal post.

On the plus side, your jewellery looks beautiful and the prices seem very reasonable! Good luck :)