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Jenny Spring
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Megsy13, post: 183379 wrote:
Hi Sam, thanks for your offer! I have had an online store for about a year, being hosted by a third party who take care of the inventory, card payments & shipping. They are no longer offering this service, so I am looking to go out on my own, but the options are mind-boggling!

I sell a niche range of products that come in 120ml plastic bottles. There are also other products (such as soaps and shampoos), however the 120ml bottles make up the bulk of my sales.

I’ve looked at many threads here, but am still really confused, so here goes;

1. Postage charges. This one seems to be a common problem! I see that Aus Post cubes each product if you use their API, so I am afraid of ending up with monumental postage charges which will turn people off. Most of my sales are at least 2 bottles, with the average being around 3. Flat rate will hurt the people who only want to buy one, and could hurt me on the people who want to buy 6 or 8. I thought maybe staggered flat rates (1-3 bottles at one rate, 4-8 bottles at another rate, and so on). Is this a good way to go?
I do have a few International customers also, and I have no idea how I am going to calculate those ones! Any ideas?

2. Payment Gateway. This looks like it could be a costly exercise. I’ve looked at eWay which looks good, but then I think I need to have special bank accounts set up and all the transaction fees (and presumably account fees) start to add up. Any ideas on how to do this cheaply but still professionally?

3. Inventory management / carting. I’m looking at Shopify for this. Do you have any recommendations about other providers?

There is so much I have to learn about this! Any advice would be greatfully received.


I’d recommend a WordPress front end/blog (for content marketing & SEO purposes), and a BigCommerce/Volusion/Shopify eshop. This is based on not knowing anything about your business, but a general thread I started a while ago.

Your decisions will be based on your business needs.