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Hi Megan

I’g go wordpress all the way with the woocommerce plugin to run the e-commerce side of things. For your specific concerns;

– there are a range of shipping addons that give you more control over your shipping options, things like tables let you set different pricing structures for locations and parcel sizes / number of products bought etc…
– woocommerce has paypal inbuilt which has huge trust benefits for smaller e-com stores.
– woocomerce also connects through to a number of accounting tools like Xero to help with your inventory and invoicing, the backend is really user friendly for this as well.
– the biggest plus is that you won’t have the issue that has lead to your question. It is open source which means you are not tied to a provider for your store to operate, you can switch it guys, web developers, hosting etc…

I’ve set up quite a number of e-commerce websites in this way and they have extra benefits you may not have thought about;
– wordpress and especially woocommerce are highly SEOed and Google friendly, even straight out of the box, plus it is easy to further optimise both your site and shop.
– the social integration is impressive
– the extra add-ons and functionality are almost endless so you have a lot of flexibility in how your website looks and works.

I’d be happy if you wanted to get in touch to talk about any of this. Good luck with the change over.