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John Debrincat
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Obbie, post: 184088 wrote:
McLean thanks.
I really don’t have any budgets in place as yet.

I have plenty of time at work to manage it, I can handle wordpress, if that is any help.

Web developers up here are very basic and expensive I’ve found.
Thanks, will check them both out..

Hi Robyn,

As Maclean mentioned you have some options and you can have the website with an integrated shop. You can start a 30 day free trial account at eCorner just go to http://www.ecorner.com.au/trial. You start a fully featured website and online store that is hosted and managed in Australia. The system is automated so it will send the links to access the store to your mailbox.

Starting a free trial is a good idea as it can give you the experience on setting up and managing an online store and its content without having to pay for the privilege.

There is also some good information on our website at – 10-Steps-to-eCommerce-Success.

We have some nice jewellery and accessory businesses that might give you some ideas like http://www.sybellajewellery.com and http://www.fashionistadepot.com.au.

We can certainly help you understand how much you might need to spend if you give us some ideas about what you want, how many products, where you want to sell and other functionality you are looking for.