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Hi Robyn,

Was actually recording a podcast about this topic this week, will let you know when it’s published.

From the sounds of it you have time but not a large budget to spend on a developer,

I’d recommend a hosted solution like Shopify or http://www.ecorner.com.au/ as John mentioned. I don’t have much experience with eCorner, but have made a few Shopify stores (including my own) and found it very easy to get up and running.

There is a monthly cost, plans start at about $15, but you’d need the $30 plan to have access to necessary features like making changes to the theme’s template.
Shopify does have a few limitations, which I’m only now starting to see – Because it’s aimed at beginners, I don’t have full access to make changes like editing robots.txt for video seo features, it’s difficult to make full use of advanced Google Analytics features like tag manager and retargeting.

Other hosted options are BigCommerce, Volusion. They all offer free trials, I’d have a play around and see which one you prefer to use.

If you have wordpress experience – WooCommerce is another possibility, however it’s just an add-on to wordpress and not really a full eCommerce solution.
If you have a large product range, or plan to grow it it may be better of going with a proper eCommerce solution from the get go.

Hope that helps!

Obbie, post: 184086 wrote:
Hi Sam and thanks for the help.

I want to set up a online jewelry store, but where do I start.
I can buy a domain, register the business, get another ABN easily.
But which e commerce platforms do I use.
What about a shopping cart.

I have plenty of time at work, and fast internet, storage space, just need help getting it up and going. Thanks in advance, Robyn