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Hi Everyone,

I’m back! And WOW, what a 2 months: since my first post we’ve made a little sea change and now call Sydney’s Northern Beaches home.

As of yesterday my internet is now fully connected (2 months of connectivity issues appear to have finally been resolved), and my wife and kids appear to be settling in.

I can now devote my time towards getting some traction and momentum with the website. Since I was last active I’ve reached out to a few website developers via the FS, and some others I’ve found through my own research online. Unfortunately I’m still yet to find a person who’s developed a site with the sort of look and feel I’m looking for in their portfolio of work.

With this in mind I’m going to continue working my way through the directory of FS web designers but also broaden my search to some of the Freelancing Sites: Elance & Freelancer.com etc…

The volume of web designers is quite over-whelming, it feels like searching for a very specific needle in a haystack. To help articulate the sort of “look and feel” I’m looking for I’m going to pull together a two page example of my attempt at designing my website in WIX, along with a website I haven’t designed that I’ve drawn a lot of my inspiration from.

I’m hoping that the “vision in my minds eye” coupled with the web design expertise I’m searching for is out there. I’ll keep you all posted on things develop. I’m giving myself a week to find a web designer.

While this is happening I’m also going to tighten up my value proposition/service offering, and identify some market segments and acquisition channels/strategies I’d like to start testing. Ideally I’d like my launch strategy locked in by the end of this month, and the website completed by the end of March, leaving me with April to launch, test, learn…and repeat!

Thank you everyone. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.