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Crusty Mark
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Hi Soapy,

I am also new to the FS forum and just came across this post.

There has been lot of good advice and ideas but thought I would drop you a quick message as you may find what we offer attractive.

We are a small business marketing agency that offers web design solutions a little differently to what you normally find.

Our client sites are 100% bespoke designs that are designed, hosted, and managed for a simple monthly fee. You also get a simple intuitive CMS backend so you can easily manage your content, including an embedded email marketing engine if wanted.

The costs vary depending on functionality, but to date most sites are falling between the $70- $120 per month range. The upper end tends to be eCommerce sollutions. This cost includes:

Design brief consulation
Custom layout and functionality development
Graphic design work
Design feedback rework
Site CMS training

Check out our website and get in contact if you would like to discuss your particular project in detail.

Kind Regards and goodluck !
Mark Travers
[email protected]