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Hi Vaughan,

I think that your site is visually appealing—as any blog dealing with jewelry should be. The photos used are big and are eye catching and the site is easy to navigate.

I think you may want to do a bit more with your blog though, aside from just showing photos to give a reason for people to engage with your content and share it on various networks as well as to help you with SEO. Since you sell some handmade jewelry, if you work with the local artists, you can do a Q&A about what inspired them to create the jewelry or maybe do a before and after of jewelry that you repaired with some tips or look for topics that aren’t necessarily related to jewelry but of interest to your target audience so that they keep having a reason to come back.

Additionally, I notice that you are using a Facebook business page and that you’re posting links of your items for sale. I would suggest look at an in-stream social commerce app like Soldsie which allows users to initiate the purchase process directly through Facebook which should help you with increased conversions from FB as the barrier to the point of sale is lower.