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Hey looks like you’ve already gotten a lot of great points but I’ll put in my two cents as to what I think you should improve upon:

1) Polishing up your website – I think you got a lot of good advice on what you should do in this regard and I think it should be a priority as it’s hard to trust an ecommerce site with my information if it doesn’t look professional

2) You should look to start embracing social media to build trust and engage with visitors. Pick one or two channels that you think would be of most benefit to your business and that you can actually dedicate some time to. Pinterest and Facebook or Twitter might be great for your business.

3) I’d look to start create a blog and have articles that would be of potential interest to your users which can help with SEO as well as soft selling your customers. For example, I see that you sell conditioners – you can write an article that discusses how to best take care of hair and then after the article suggest users check out your shampoos/conditioners.

I think once you have some of these factors in place, you can then start to focus on off-page SEO and marketing techniques for driving customers to your site.