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KylieK, post: 181712 wrote:
Hi, I have just signed up. I am in the middle of starting up a home based sewing and embroidery business, but have come to a halt. I am stuck for a name, which is why I would like your help to choose. My husband likes “Kylie’s Kraft and Embroidery”, which I don’t mind. I have also come up with “Graphic Embroidery and Sewing”. Now I can’t choose, which I now need to do, to continue setting up and then I can start, which I can’t wait for. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kylie,
Have you come up with a name? What about “Kylie’s Creations”? It would cover any future products you incorporate into your business, as Tony suggested. I thought about suggesting “Kylie’s Kreations” but then decided against it also because of Tony’s suggestion because no one would ever search for creations with a “k”. Also on second thought it looked kind of juvenile! :-)
Good luck!