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Hi Bec

Sorry to hear about all the dramas of employment, underpay and sackings.. oh my, some people.. we will leave that aside for the benefit of being positive :)

On that note,, CONGRATS on getting out there on your own… its awesome to see it has not perturbed you in any way..

Hope you dont mind, i jumped across to your site.. mainly to have a look at your newsletter sign up side bar widget thingy and just wanted to suggest that maybe you may want to remove the part the says “Join 10 other followers”.. not saying its bad, although the low number of followers may inhibit some sign ups.. people dont really need to know and would never be able to find out how many you have registered on your newsletter.. by doing this people can “think” you have 10 or have 10,000,000!

All the best, look forward to seeing you around for a chat..


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