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We use the Paypal Payflow gateway (Merchant facilities). Initially, we chose it because we needed something in a hurry when we upgraded our website, and as we already had a business account, I just had to press a few buttons to enable it.

TBH, I have had problems with it, and they seem reluctant to fix them (it appears to be mainly people on ipads using safari and if you google, you’ll see it’s a known problem). Luckily our cart shows us ‘abandoned transactions’, so my team know to call and follow up on any of those.

The only reason I haven’t changed is due to the paperwork my merchant providor wants, and I’ve been to busy (or lazy) to fill it in. Seriously, it is similar to a home loan!

Paypal also holds a rolling percentage (I’m thinking 5%, but could be wrong) of your turnover to cover chargebacks, which can be a PIA if you are relying on the actual $ amount of funds that come through.

So in summary, if you don’t have many transactions, or need it in a hurry, go for it. If you’re thinking you’ll get volume, then def look at bank merchant facilities.