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kevinbiness, post: 181950 wrote:
Hi guys,

My name is Kevin and I’m interested in starting a cleaning business – but I have no idea where to start. I’m hoping with lots of research, help and DOING that I can build something for myself!

More facts about me:

  • I’m based in Melbourne – where there is a lot of competition!
  • This is my first business venture – I’ve always loved the stability of being an employee, but no more!
  • I like to think I’m resourceful – when I need something done, I find a way to get it done!


Hi Kevin,

Firstly good luck with your ventures.
My only advice is, don’t do what everybody else is doing if there is lots of competition there.
Do the dirty stuff no body else wants to do, if you want the rewards.
e.g, Gutter cleaning, (not too dirty) can pay some pretty good money and should be repeat business.

Good luck.

No Limits