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Recovery Russ
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Hi Jo,

Depending on how overdue the debt is, after attempting phone contact, your approach of sending a final notice is usually the right approach.

In your letter make sure you state;

How much is owed,
How long overdue it is
When you expect Payment
How they can pay you
The consequences of not making payment. (eg refer to a Debt Collector, Legal action etc)

Also include an opportunity for them to contact you to discuss the matter if there is a legitimate reason they can’t pay on time. That way you don’t back them into a corner where they just ignore you and you HAVE to take further action.

You don’t need to choose email or post, you can send both. But whichever method you use, make a follow up call to check that it has been received so they can’t use the excuse that they never received your notice.

Depending on who you use, a debt collector would be a better option rather than jumping to legal action. (Although as I am a Debt Collector my opinion could be considered biased) For a $2000 debt, to take legal action, depending on what state you are in you would need to go to either a Tribunal or Small Claims Court first and then have the order converted to a judgement to have it enforced which can sometimes end up costing more than the debt itself. Debt Collectors generally charge a commission on the amount recovered although there are some companies that jack up the amount they charge by charging on a “voucher” system so you pay per action such as each and every phonecall or letter.

If you get resistance from them still, or if you have more questions, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to see how I could help you further.

Good Luck