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Hi Jason,

I have a heap of clients Windows machines using TeamViewer and servers using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). Nowadays it doesn’t matter what you do, if a hacker wants to get in they know all the tricks, but really are we talking about a permanent solution or 1 for whilst your on holidays for a couple of weeks? Hence why routers have a port forwarding option.

Both solutions will allow you to remotely control your desktop but what you have to determine is if anyone else will/is using your machine at the same time? With TeamViewer it works as though you are sitting in front of the computer, so anyone standing near your machine will be able to see everything you are doing but with Remote Desktop, it works in the background, so to the user the machine still looks locked but you can use it like your desktop, also in the remote desktop settings on your Mac, tell it to automatically Map your local drive and you’ll be able to use Windows Explorer to copy a file from your PC to your Mac. With TeamViewer, as you are the person connecting to the machine, then you have an extra toolbar at the top of your window and this allows you to open File Transfer, so you can then transfer the file from the PC to the Mac like FTP programs. If you have multiple screens TeamViewer can either show you all screens at the same time or you can flick between them, I can’t say I’ve tried Remote Desktop on a machine with multiple screens.

Also consider what type of internet connection you will be using whilst away. If you plan on using a 3/4G stick then you have to remember that data sent and received is calculated, therefore Remote Desktop would be better as it only sends minor screen updates.

Hope this helps.