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Hi Brent,
Many thanks for the compliment.

As you say, the issue now is how can things be improved for the least cost.

To Fab, I suggest some $ spent on education should bear the best returns.

It is all very well to be referred to a confusing 30+ page document on SEO, the problem is it does not provide guidance on what should generate the best results for the least time investment.

It sounds like you could do with educational assistance with:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • SE optimisation
  • Exploration of remedial action with your current site configuration/design
  • Content publishing strategies and methods
  • Possibly sponsored links advertising

This may sound like a large investment is necessary but it may be less than the $399 per month you are being quoted for someone else to implement various activities that a number of folk here are questioning.

If you learn how to implement the basic on-page SEO, you will be so far ahead of where you are now…

If you have some help identifying current site configuration/design issues, you can implement remedial action as your budget allows.

With better knowledge of Analytics and Webmaster Tools, you will be better positioned to assess your own web site publishing and SEO activities.