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Hi Care

Just to add to the doubt, and understanding a little about your industry, Nigeria tends not to be a culture that uses vitamins and care products that you have.. if you had said China, Korea, Hong Kong or other similar i would certainly have said it should be ok and then implement maximums etc… Although, personally, i would tread very carefully and in fact, probably book myself some nitro to retreat from the query rather hastily :)

Orders can sometimes look too good to be true, and if so generally are.. May i ask, in your previous client dealings, have you ever sold that much to one person? The answer may put you on the right track.

Jason ;)

ps.. re some suggestions of getting the funds cleared through merchant and bank that money.. well, if you accept merchant facilities you will know a charge back can and will occur if it is fraudulent.. so take this advise with a grain of salt!

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