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Hi Daniel,

I’m a marketing consultant and can share with you the ways I have looked for graphic designers in the past, and also some of the comments my clients have made when they’re looking to work directly with a designer..

– this where I found the designer I use the most.
– don’t worry too much if there are other designers on there at much lower rates than you. Some people shop for the lowest price (and a high % of these will probably regret it and be willing to pay more the 2nd time they use it). Important factors for me are:
– I want someone in Aus (so I can call them easily).
– Rate needs to be reasonable/competitive relative to the quality.
– I read some of the reviews, but it’s not a major, if someone has experience and quality work I know there’s a pretty good chance they are ‘easy to work with etc’ and I’d prefer to make my own judgements on this kind of thing through having a call with them.

I also ask other marketing consultants for recommendations. So you could contact consultants and showcase your work (along with agencies of course, if you’re not doing this already).

I ask marketers I know if they have any friends who are designers.
For half the week I work in a large marketing team, and someone always has a friend who is a good designer. The benefit of doing it this way it that I can trust them a bit more because we have a common friend/colleague.

My clients have mentioned that they look locally when looking for a designer, because they want to be able to call/meet with them. And a couple have mentioned 99designs.com as well.

Hope that is some help! On that note, I think the quality of your work is right up there. I’d be interested to know your rates. Flick me an email at [email protected].