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Josie Seward
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Daniel82, post: 182244 wrote:
Hi guys,

I’ve been a self employed graphic and web designer for a number of years.

Until recently, the bulk of my work was made up of advertising agencies using me as a contractor, so I never really had to find my own clients. This work has dried up as the agencies are cutting costs and taking the work back in-house.

I am looking at ways I can get my message out to the right potential clients.

Basically I am an all-rounder – design, web and print. So the value is in the ability for my clients to come to me for the entire job rather than requiring 4 or 5 different designers/developers or even using a full ad agency.

This should be an easy sell. My current clients let me know all the time how happy they are and how much better off they are than before.

My issue is that I don’t know where to start in approaching new clients. I have sent out hundreds of emails (personalised) outlining services and even offering free trial work – and the lack of response is overwhelming. I’m pretty confident 95% of those emails were deleted before they were even read.

So my option is what – cold calling?

As I’ve been self employed for so long, I don’t have a huge network of colleagues looking out for me. My network is a bit of a joke because I get the whole job done by myself without needing to get out and mingle an awful lot.

So my situation is that I have all this experience and capability, and nobody knows I exist aside from current clients and previous agencies.

I’m at a bit of a loss here – if anyone can offer any guidance – that would be appreciated.


HI Daniel,

I am not sure if I am teaching you to suck eggs….but have you tried reciprocated services. You help them and they help you . swap clients or refer them. Emails and cold calls are not the way to go you need the clients to come to you as it is a specific service. Recommendations from someone who you are designing their web for for free or little money is invaluable. I hope this helps :-)