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Nicola D
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Cooke Consulting, post: 182609 wrote:
Great stuff Daniel! – I’m glad it’s working out as quickly for you as it did for me.

As I mentioned to you yesterday, when I implemented the changes to my profile – within 24 hours I had 2 warm leads and a joint venture request. At the start of January I was also contacted by one of the oldest Debt Collection Agencies in the USA to ask if they can publish one of my blog posts to their readership of 400k people, hello free advertising!

I’ve given several talks now to business groups that I am networked with and those that have followed my suggestions are showing great results too.

Once again, good luck with it and remember show “Value” and be “Client Facing”.

@OpusNOIR Photography – I’ll be free at 2pm tomorrow (Friday 31st Jan), either skype me at cookeconsulting or call my office number 02 8006 1928 – you can be my last guinea pig. ;) Lets see if you can pull off similar results. Before we talk can you please send me a LinkedIn request use the email address [email protected]

All the best,

Good on you, James, for helping out members of the FS community in this way. Sure you don’t want to run a small webinar on optimising LinkedIn?
We will pay! ;-)