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John Debrincat
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AmberS, post: 182475 wrote:
Another big issue with e-commerce based platforms is that they are exactly that – e-commerce. An online shop just isn’t enough to cut it today. You need a fully integrated website, blog, shop… solution to rank well and provide the best experience for customers. It is much harder to pull this off, with the level of built in SEO in many of these other platforms.

I beg to differ. I can only talk about our solution but it is a complete and integrated solution that contains content for eCommerce, blog, forum, galleries, social media, newsletters and marketing with SEM integration and SEO management Add to that multi-channel via ebay / Amazon / Google Shopping / Facebook etc etc and all via the one control systems and process. No duplicated content no multiple websites and hosting no confusion. Of course we are not the only show in town.