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estim8, post: 182497 wrote:
OK, all your points are valid … up to a point.

As I said previously, I don’t have anything against Woocommerce, or any platform for that matter … I just don’t think it’s as black and white as “selling WordPress” or whatever your personal business uses as a framework.

Hi estim8

I’m not saying WordPress is the be all and end all. It serves a whole lot more purposes than for just blogging and the woocommerce integration is good for having a consistent design, branding and functionality across a whole site. It is a solid option and from an online marketing (from my previous position) perspective not just an e-commerce perspective it is really very good.

Most of the points I’ve raised are issues to be aware of no matter what system, platform or provider you go with. These are the sorts of issues that cause problems for a lot of business owners because they weren’t aware before they signed.

But I stand by that you can change it, if you switch marketing providers or engage a digital agency to run your SEO or content marketing… you can move it. Yes, you need to have someone who knows what they are doing, but with the right setup you have the flexibility to not be stuck with a developer or supplier that isn’t working. Finding someone you can trust is essential in any website build, someone who is working for you, the client, not just selling more add-ons and upselling for their sake not yours.

I guess my pushing woocommerce is a little from seeing it mentioned as a smaller, less complex solution often and I think that is an unfair box to put it in.

To Jenny, Woocommerce does connect with Xero with a $79 (at last check) plugin.