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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Murchie, post: 182286 wrote:
My skills are sales, customer service.

These are great skills for starting a business. Go through your list of business ideas, and write down who the customer would be for each business option.

Then, ask yourself – which of these groups of customers can I get access to in my local area? Can you visit them personally, or mail them, or email them, or phone them somehow (are they in the yellow pages, do they have a shop you could visit, or an association, or local events or whatever).

Then you can test your idea, by contacting them and seeing if they are interested in whatever you’re selling. If you can get a few customers, then you have started a business without investing anything (and can move forward with some confidence that a demand exists for your product/service).

If you’re finding it hard to get any interest, then conversations with these people will tell you why and give you ideas for what they ARE interested in, so you can adjust your offer and try again (or switch ideas).

If you can’t seem to get access to your target customer, then that’ll make it tough because if you can’t find them to test your idea, how are you going to market to them once you start the business?

Hope that makes sense. :)