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Hi there Cathy.

I’m sure you’ve found the Food Safety Classification Tool on the Department of Health website (HERE). Your local Council will be able to make the final determination of which Class business you are and provide you with more definitive information on the registration process and confirm whether it is just a Streatrader application.

As for selling into retailers, that will take time, patience and a thick skin! Just be courteous and make a time with the right person before turning up on the doorstep. Look at it from their point of view and tell them what your product will do for their business (or their customers). A “No” will often mean “Not right now”, so don’t be discouraged and follow up religiously.

Good luck!

PhoenixPantry, post: 182310 wrote:
Hi there

We are a small food business and need some advice. We are packaging dry goods to sell on i.e flour, sugar, chocolate. We do not use dairy, nuts, or eggs.
I have registered with Streatrader, but can not believe this is all I have to do. Do I need to be making my product from a registered kitchen or can I continue making them from my kitchen at home?
We are selling our products at markets for now, but hope to get some interest from local cafes etc.,so want to make sure we are doing things correctly.
Any help is appreciated!