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M & B Sneath
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Thanks Cat for some great feed back!

We have the stand up pouches 90% sorted (we have been searching for a matte black finish but may have to settle for a gloss finish)

As far as the labels go, i have contacted a local sign writer and they are preparing a price on some short run label printing in both rolls and sheets.

I have been researching label printers and are still leaning towards our own if the above price dosn’t come back cheap enough. For a primera lx400 label printer with software is around $1600 then $0.05 per label plus ink @ around $0.08 per label but i will wait and see how the qoute works out. Our packaging/branding leans towards the modern, simplistic style with a viewing window displaying the product, given this our label creation should be (hopefully!!) a simple design.

The barcodes still have me somewhat confused as i can become a member of GS1 and pay a annual rental or i can purchase a barcode outright from ozbarcodes.com.au/ for only $8 each on a 25 lot buy?

Our current buisnesses are a fair size dairyfarm (600 head of cattle) and also a earthmoving moving buisness, so it is proving to be a enjoyable excercise planning and evaluating a buisness totally left field of our current interests.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail… is the best statement ever made!!

Our current buisnesses provides great cashflow but we are constantly frustrated by weather conditions (too dry or too wet!!) and as a motivated couple (29 years old ) we have always had a passion for establishing our own branding and provide cashflow away from the rural sector.

Out of interest what area of buisness are you involved in?

Thanks again for the replys!!
Regards Mike and bec