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S Hjorth
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PineapplePear, post: 182534 wrote:
Well done to you, especially in a time where our dollar has been high to be nabbing US customers! I’ll be interested to see the outcome to this, in the past anything I’ve sent to the us I’ve used Express Post or Express Courier International (Aus Post) but they are ridiculously expensive, given that most of my items are about 5kg. Your product is small so I wonder if there is a pre pack or satchel that would be reasonable.

Moving forward to storage on the US side of things, I’m not sure there, but I wonder if it’s worth having a chat with companies like http://qannu.com/ etc that specialise in shipping from the states to AU to see if they offer some sort of solution for the reverse?

Hi Suzi,

Thanks for pitching in. We will try Gannu too- have tried shipito and bongous- similar to gannu but they have refused this. However we will be using them to consolidate and handle customer returns/ size exchanges, etc. More than the postage cost( we are really pleased with our current Fedex service- they are super fast)we would end up spending more by going to the U.S- but the major reason is its hassle free for customers to send returns back locally and moreover there is always a preference to buy from a .com in the U.S just like how most would prefer to buy from a .com.au site first- for the local factor as well as knowing local rights of a consumer opposed to a foreign site.