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Johny Johny Johny (LOL),,

Really, i think to sum it all up with a simple take it really comes down to the fact that there are good and bad in every bunch.. Whether we are talking products or services and i whole heartedly have to agree that the amount of vetting you put into finding the right partner and not just ‘hoping’ that it will all turn out ok will have the biggest influence on ANY TRANSACTION you do – personal or business :)

Re your 3 local aussies, need me to go knock on their door? LOL..

And this is what really sums it up “My experience is certainly that if you make a fair comparison, Australians are no better or worse than anyone else.”…

What is difficult, in some industries or with some requirements, is that if you do not have the opportunity to physically sit in front of someone to explain EVERYTHING and EVERY ASPECT of your requirements that it can add to the lost in translation scenario..

Be well Mate,, good luck with all.. and hope these aussies get across the line for you..


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