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Jenny Spring
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HSH, post: 182371 wrote:
I’m currently looking into webpage designers and a friend recommended an Indian designer who only charges approx $500 (as opposed to $3000 here).

My friends website looks great, however it’s not an e-commerce site and as I’m starting a hamper business I’m not sure if it’s wise to go with one of these services. I also need a logo made up which is obviously a lot cheaper too.

Has anyone else used an overseas web service and if so what was your experience.

Before you consider who to build the site, you do need to think through how to design your site to attract the right people. Don’t expect that this will be done successfully by a web designer. Make sure you’re clear about what makes you YOU, and how you’ll express that clearly.

Then go find your web designer and developer.

I see this as 3 discrete steps.

1. who am I and why does anyone care, and how can I make them care (this is the heart of your business).
2. how can the website design support my message and help make it clear
3. who can code it for me.

I help people do all 3 things, and I’ve more recently done a little web building myself for a few select clients. I do step #1, and then I pick the web designer to do #2 based on who my client is. Then I outsource #3 overseas. I see #3 as the commodity, web coding (development). #1 and #2 aren’t a commodity.

I hope this helps a little.