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Jenny Spring
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thecolouredknot, post: 182383 wrote:
Hi, im a small Handmade Home Décor Business looking into the world of retail. about the only think I have come up with is I will sell the products at 50% off!! I really don’t know what other guidelines I should put in a place when offerering wholesale to retail stores.

Would love to have a look at some wholesale contracts from similar small business that may have suitable inclusions? eg. Does the store take orders and I am to make directly for the store or should they send orders directly to me. The store should pay postage etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You have a lot to learn ;)

Postage is negotiable, but usually the store pays.

Does the store take orders? Are you referring to a consignment arrangement? This one is different to wholesale, and each has its merits.

I’ve some free advice on wholesaling on my blog — might be a good place to start.