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In theory, if you own the domain, none of what you mentioned should be a problem.

A domain needs what’s known as DNS (domain name server), it basically broadcasts to the web where your domain is located. You can even change your DNS to another provider … assuming you can unlock it from where it is currently.

On the server is a set of “records” that expose the ip address of where your site is hosted (if you have one), and a different set of records to expose the email addresses linked to that domain.

As long as you have access to the DNS, you can change the ip address of a site (if you want to change hosting), and also set up email (they don’t need to be with the same provider).

Do your current providers have their own physical servers, or are they reselling from a bigger player … if the latter is the case, maybe they don’t have access to what they need to fix it. Being hard to find wont resolve much … hope you can sort it.