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Hi Jakimac,

Welcome to the FS Forum.

Changing Hosting companies is very easy, as basically everything is done via pointers. Your current host should have given you access to your system via something like cPanel. If you have this then you can access your emails, website and other settings, like DNS settings (which will show your IP address)

It is very poor business and just down right rude to ignore customers, especially at their time in need, sometimes just spending 30 minutes to look into the problem can resolve it all and off you go happily.

You don’t have to have everything with 1 one hosting company, but most people do cause it is just easier, but if the current host isn’t helping you and your having issues then it’s time to move on. Assuming that you own the domain, do you have the domain password? with this password you can transfer the domain name and it’s name server pointers to another hosting company and then take out another website/email host somewhere else, then just change the name servers to point to the new hosting service.

Recently had to do it for a few clients and I’m in the process of doing it for 1 of my own domains, 1 down 2 to go. Happy to lend a hand if it’s all above your head, just sing out.