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Gordon Anderson
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Very interesting thread – youd think there would be a product I could just pay 30/month and get the basics of email and web hosting and crm, suitable for small biz.

I just moved one of my clients sites away from a cheap host where they were getting hijacked and marked by google as malware, rgggh.

I removed all the dodgy stuff, then set the cleaned sites up on a single linode costing 20/month. The nice thing is we can set up proper permissions, ssh/scp, logging, firewall etc.

Anyway, as part of this I set up the email server – this took a couple days of technical voodoo, to install postfix, dovecot. You also need dkim and spf so outbound emails are signed properly [ and thus appear as proper legit messages and not spam. ]

Most businesses need this off the shelf, but there isn’t that much out there apart from google business email offering.

Ideally youd get a monthly package with :
> CMS to edit your web content
> company email addresses : imap + webmail
> basic CRM to manage contacts, mail list, forms

Ideally powered by open source under the hood ..
maybe drupal + sugarcrm + postfix + apache ?

I’m seriously thinking of putting together a product like this. Judging by the comments, a lot of people would be ok to pay that … particularly if it can be set up quick with zero hassle [ no config files !! ]

Let me know if this is something you’d use … would be nice to solve this.