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Kelly-Anne, post: 182512 wrote:
Hi eveyone,

8 months ago my IT contract finished up and I found myself pondering the future. Did I really want to continue being at the beck and call of such a fickle industry? Did I really want to be doing this for the next couple of decades. What options did I have? So, I renovated my house for four months and occasionally looked for work… then started to panic. Then I had an idea… then there was research… then there was procrastination. Then in December I purchased a laser engraving machine.

So now I have a laser engraving business operating out of my home in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria. Yay. Go Me.

Expecting December and January to be quiet, I was not disappointed. But now with February rapidly approaching I’m wondering how I make my next steps and how to pay the bills. Networking is something I’ve aleays struggled with but I figure it’s something I need to investigate – so here I am. ;)
Network Me!
Looking forward to making some new friends and growing my business and maybe down the line being able to help newbies on their path.

lol. Reminds me of when I started off with a computer and doing Desktop Publishing (in a previous life) and ended up in the promotional business running 2 embroidery machines, a screen printer, vinyl cutter… and products going all over Australia.

My suggestion, start locally – with the retail and service businesses, clubs etc. And don’t forget your wineries, the sanctuary and other tourist businesses. Put together a flyer pushing just a couple of pens and a small choice of writing styles (The KISS method) .. and a beaut price. That should get the ball rolling for you. Oh yeah, persist door knocking almost always pays off.