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I say go for it!!

I was in a similar position a little while back and the opportunity for a p/t job came up which I took. I was there for nearly two years and really felt like I could breathe again without the financial and other pressures. I also enjoyed the super, holiday pay, sick pay, etc.

Yes there were times when I felt undervalued at a low hourly rate and yes at times I did get bored but every situation comes with pros and cons.

Now that I am flying solo (and trying to buy a house) how I wish I had a part time job.

I say give it a go because it sounds like the pressure is getting to you and your family. If it continues you may get into a state where you lose the enjoyment of working for yourself altogether. Just take some time out to re-group, and you do not have to stay in the p/t job forever.

All the best with it all.

Now if only I had a crystal ball….