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No drama AT ALL..

Personally, i know how one battles being pulled at by different elements of life and business.. and when trying to combine both, oh boy everyone here could attest to these problems – i am pretty sure :rolleyes:

Whatever course or path you take, job or no job, business or no business, my advice is to not forget what you have learnt.. to apply it as you can and build upon that knowledge so when you are ready to fully jump into this and draw from your experiences, you will be able to do so with a clear path and understanding..

I strongly believe, and you said this in a dif way, that everything you learn on the path or the journey is attributing to the skill set you will finally use.. Myself, my journey has been going since i was 18 and i believe every job and small business i have run has brought me to the destination i am at.. and had i not tried, deviated or learnt from others that knew more than me i would most definitely not be where i am today.. and for having the ability to truly know this, i am better for it..

oh that was deeper than anticipated.. LOL.. honestly though, wish you all the best.. good luck with the apps and the business.. let us know how you go…

Jason ;)

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