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Nicola D
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Hi Steph,

Keen to hear how it all works out!

I totally understand your dilemma and confusion and have been there many times over the past 3 and half years since ‘flying solo’. I guess if I could advise myself 3 and a half years ago, I would say:

“Take the pressure off. Think about it less as OR and more as AND. It doesn’t need to be a job OR your business, and even if it is for a while, that can change again in the future. It doesn’t have to be forever. AND who knows where it might lead?”

A quick share of how this went for me:

Working from home as Coach and Interior Designer (one job is never enough for me).
Not making steady income from either, as both severely affected by downturn.
Nearly went mad working from home alone.
Decided I needed to be around people so put my Barista training to good use and got a PT job in a coffee shop.
Coffee shop located in former church hall, great big, beautiful heritage building with unused space.
Got to know owners well and eventually negotiated leasing of enough space to create my own co-working space, where I am writing to you today.

Who knew?

I wish you all the best :D