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That’s a really great story Nicola. You never know what will come of these things. And great to hear everything ended up working out for you!

Update: I got two calls yesterday offering me an interview for both jobs.

I went to the first interview today (for the temporary maternity leave position) and all went really well. I mentioned doing some work for myself still and they didn’t think it was a problem at all and thought that it would be a good fit because I’m flexible and the hours may vary for this position. They asked me to come in for an hour to two next Tuesday to meet everyone and have a little ‘trial-run’ for an hour or two, which I think is a good sign.

I have the interview for the other job on Monday. They seem to want a more formal interview, but that’s fine. I’m looking forward to it.

Excited to see what happens and feeling really good about it now! We’ve saved enough for a deposit on our home now so will be starting to build in about 3 months :) Makes me more motivated to earn some more money!