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I may be wrong (and I often am), but I don’t know anyway to get a discount on a Mac (legally).

When I bought mine (2 no.) I tried online with first one I bought, assuming it may be cheaper … they made the process difficult IMO … it was too much money involved and they wanted all kinds of secondary ID.

Turned out that a small shop in the nearby regional town had just got distribution rights (whatever it’s called) … so I checked them, exactly the same price, brilliant service … and they had what I wanted in stock. They indicated that the price is the same wherever. I haven’t seen anything different, but then again I didn’t look to hard. I’ve decided a face to face relationship is a better deal anyway for ongoing assistance.

Glad I did, the screen on my 27″ iMac went dark one side. They fixed it (turn around 24 hrs-no charge) and even offered me a backup box while they did … can’t do that online.

I’d be interested to know if you can though, hanging out for a Macbook Pro Retina 13″ … just about worn out my Air.