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FS Administrator, post: 182750 wrote:
Hi there and welcome to Flying Solo! Thanks for getting involved.

As you are looking for feedback on a few ideas I’ve moved this into the community reviews section.

I think the idea of turning people’s existing photos/videos into little movies is a great idea for a home-based business, with so many digital photos and videos sitting on everyone’s hard drives these days! A friend of mine has done this as a side project for a long time.

A few of the projects she’s come across are:
– end of year videos for kindy classes with photos/video/music etc…
– capturing the life stories of parents/grandparents on videos with photos interviews etc
– 21st videos
– taking existing wedding videos and photos and turning them into short films with music
– also digitising printed photos and old VHS videos seems to be needed so they aren’t lost

I reckon it would be a lot trickier to create tv commercials for businesses given the high production values, but ‘about us’ website videos, in-house training videos etc would be a potential market.

Taglines are always tricky :) I like your “Rainbow connection editing – turning your memories into the gold at the end of the rainbow” with the rainbow/gold idea.
Perhaps just “Turn your memories into gold” could be a bit simpler.

I’m sure others will dive in and all the best with the business.



Sorry for taking so long to read and reply. Had some issues with my email.

I have been looking into the different categories that I could do. My original plan was to offer 7 different packages. Each package is titled by a colour of the rainbow. So ‘RED’ package would be photo slide shows etc.

I have been thinking about transferring VHS videos but a not sure about the equipment and how much time it would take to do. I would love to offer it one day but I feel like I should stick to what I know for the moment so that I don’t get stressed out or anything before I really get going.

With commercials for businesses. I was thinking more along the line of small businesses that only use the internet and social media to get their business out there. So I could create a small ad for them to post on youtube to promote their products. For example maybe there is a another stay-at-home-mum who makes and sells baby clothes online. I could help them create a short ad that lets potential clients see what her products are like. So yeah just things like that.

I went with the tagline – “helping to enhance those magical moments”
I went on a few forums, face book sites etc and this was the tagline that received the most positive feedback. I really like this line because I think it really shows what it is that I am trying to achieve with my editing.

Thank you so much for your help :)