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It’s not your design.

OK, if you were selling fashion … furniture etc, where visual impact is perhaps part of the package, I’d agree … but, USB sticks and gadgets?

Your site is easy to navigate, has clear info, and looks professionally built. It even has some relevant content in all the right places.

Would I buy off your site? Probably not.

I might take a punt on one of your cheaper lines, if I knew the market price and you were killing it (the price), and I couldn’t be bothered walking into the nearest widget shop … but anything else, no.

Heres, a few things that would put me off;

NO ONE to contact.

Like Jason, I’ve just placed an order for a specced up Macbook. There is no way I would spend that sort of money unless I new where to send a hit man, or my lawyer, if you screwed me around. May be there’s people out there with money to burn, but your price differential is not great enough for me to move away from the “trust factor” of working with Apple themselves.

While I like your design, you have empty categories in your menus. That screams “amateur” at me … I don’t think it would take long to find a site selling similar stock that had more polish.

Your “terms” while understandable, make it very clear that you are assuming NO risk, but you’re asking me to use my credit card, and trust you to send me stuff ??

Sorry, if it all sounds a bit tough, but I continually see similar sites on here … found a way to buy cheap at wholesale (often, common as mud product lines) prices, make a pretty site, add a margin, make money.

I’m not a retailer, but I am a consumer … that’s my 2cents. Hope you get it working profitably.