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Jenny Spring
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Absolute Bargain, post: 182800 wrote:
Thank you for all the awesome feedback guys, really appreciate it.

I believe you guys are all right about the ‘trust’ part of my website and this is where I see it lacking. I did not want to put my phone number as I work full time and do not want constant calls while during office hours, that is why I tried to stick it to email only. The address I will definitely put on my website.

Thank Jason for the great advice. Loved your site btw. The statement ‘Always the lowest price’ is not saying that it is the lowest price in the market, there is no way I can guarantee that but saying that my prices are at the lowest all the time so no big discounts except during clearance sales. Not sure if this will work because a lot of other websites has massive 20% off or BUY NOW call to actions which I dont.

I came up with the name Absolute Bargain because when people find a great deal they would usually say ‘what an absolute bargain’, or that is what I normally say anyway. I do get comments saying that the name suggests low quality products but my view was that it tells people where to go to get the best bargains regardless of brand.

estim8 – Thanks for the good feedback too. It always good to get an idea on what the consumer thinks as that is what’s most important.

Miss Sassy – You are right about the youtube videos. I had one created that talks about my business and had it placed on my blog. I believe youtube is very important especially that Google bought them over and looks highly at it in terms of SEO? I might be wrong.

John – Spot on, I feel the same.

It always feel horrible when you put all the effort and it does not convert but you are not really sure why, but it is great to get some feedback on ways to improve.

Really appreciate it guys. Cheers



You’ve had some excellent feedback. but it is interesting, because in your opening sentence, you explain why you don’t want to put your phone number on the site.

A phone number on a site doesn’t mean you’ll get a lot of calls, but it does mean that you are a real person, and have a real identity. Trust.

There are a lot of tweaks you could make to your site. Here are some suggestions:

1. reduce your menus to 6 or below. Too many means too many choices.
2. what is the #1 task the stranger needs to accomplish when they come to your site? I can see about 10 tasks, drop it down. Way to much going on.
3. where are you losing them? Do they go through to the cart? Or are they bouncing out from the home page?
4. what ads are you running and who are you targetting. A bad ad campaign with lots of bounce can really hurt your SEO/ Google ranking. Be very careful you are targetting correctly
5. About Us page — who are you. We buy from people we Know, Like and Trust. You can accomplish this much better on this page. It is too much ‘company’ and not enough ‘relationship’.
6. warranties and returns — there is a whole lot of text on this page, way too much and it is likely to totally put people off. do you get exits at this page?
7. you need more on your product pages. shipping info. testimonials to build trust and to give a little push to get the sale. etc.

That is it for a starter.

I do have a series of website reviews if you are interested, you’d pick up a lot of tips from them.