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Sam James, post: 182904 wrote:
Where abouts are you located?

I searched for 3PL’s for my ecommerce store in late 2013 and found plenty willing to work with me even at relatively smaller amounts.

I agree there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but there are plenty of 3PL’s willing to work with smaller ecommerce stores out there. Most didn’t even have any minimum monthly send requirements (besides a small storage fee).

Typical prices were $2-$3 for pick/pack
~$30 monthly storage fee
plus standard E-parcel or Auspost rates.

This is in Melbourne + Sydney

I’m located on the Gold Coast but have been in talks with many 3PL companies in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Almost all of them are super expensive, much higher than just $3 a pick and some storage. They usually have a lot of other hidden fees.

As I have over 100 SKUs they charge for linear metre in their warehouses which they estimate to be over 25metres (without even knowing my products).

Most charging $25-$100 a WEEK in storage for this amount.

Also they have declined business from me as my order volume per week does not out weigh my SKU’s. So for me to use them I would need to be getting more than 100 orders a week as well as pay their huge prices.

If someone has a company that can actually be beneficial for small business I’d like to know. Because at the moment it doesn’t exist (for my business needs)