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Sam James, post: 184379 wrote:
Hi Fastlaner – have you gotten a quote from http://www.npfulfilment.com.au/ ?

They had very competitive rates when I was looking – around $2 + 30 cents per item for pick / pack.

Storage was very reasonable, from memory $2/week for a meter square shelf space, $8/week for a whole pallet.

Also they had cheapest e-parcel rates I found -starting at $6 for packages under 500g.
Warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney.

I use a smaller fulfillment place in Melbourne – $2.50 for any order, $30/month storage, don’t charge by sku.

I’m not sure how much stock you have – this place is more aimed at smaller operations.

Hi Sam,

Yes, I looked into NPFulfilment and while they did accept my business late last year when I was not ready to integrate with them, earlier this year they rejected my business.

Reason being that my amount of SKU’s exceeded my number of weekly orders.
I stock a couple of hundred different items but do not get a couple of hundred orders per week.

They said they only want to do business with companies who have a smaller range in products and higher sales volume.

The original prices they quoted me before changing their mind on supplying me the service was…

Picking, Packing, Storage and Packaging:

Per Order Fee $2.38
Pick & Pack – per item fee $0.38
Packaging – Small Carton $0.55
Packaging – U4 Utility bag (un-padded) $0.53
Storage: Per Pallet per week $4.25
Storage: Per Large Shelf (80cm x 85cm x120cm) per week $2.05
Storage: Per Small Shelf (40cm x 85cm x 120cm) per week $1.65
Storage: Per steel Shelf (34cm x 48cm x 90cm) per week $1.35
Stock Receipt Fee – Per Pallet received $9.96
Stock Receipt Fee – Per SKU in the delivery $1.97
Stock Receipt Fee – Per item in the delivery $0.03

Postage Rates: (eParcel, eParcel Express)

0kg – 0.5kg (0-1.1lbs) $6.53 $8.14
0.501kg – 1kg (1.1-2.2lbs) $7.52 $12.57
1.01kg – 2kg (2.2-4.4lbs) $7.86 $16.14
2.01kg – 3kg (4.4-6.61lbs) $8.86 $19.70
3.01kg – 5kg (6.61-11.02lbs) $9.88 $26.84

The eParcel rate for less than 500g is around 90c Cheaper than the entry level eParcel discount which is a good saving when sending 1000+ parcels a year.

Fee’s like “stock Receipt fee” and “packaging” add up very fast over the course of the bill and needs to be carefully planned before jumping on board with any fulfillment company.

As for storage as I have hundreds of Sku’s I would be looking at around $50+ a week.

They seem like one of the best companies to go with but were not suitable for my business. They told me they would recommend another company who would be suitable for my business but never actually sent me the email or let me know.

Once they decided they did not want to work with me they cut all ties. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I wouldnt work with them in the future because of it.