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CWilliams, post: 182840 wrote:
Hi all, I know it sounds like a good problem to have…

But here’s the thing… I’m drowning in clients that bought a deal voucher (yes, I should never have gone there)… So my problem is I have too much work and no money to pay someone to help….


one thought – can you email them saying “due to overwhelming popularity of our courses, it may take some time to schedule your lessons into the places we had allocated for this promotion.” Give a little bit more detail and then a link to your website with a lot more detail. Just make sure that link takes them to a page which also shows other services you offer – maybe they will take on some of these options rather than wait.

I would also suggest that you have a way to gracefully back out of the offer – that is graceful for both parties. You will need a plan B if someone contacts you demanding service or else…