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hi Claire
You said “My Mum was helping me the other day to go through my emails, although, she seems to think its just a 5 min job…
Someone to fill out my finance software would be good – i havent done it since June 13… Sigh, its all such a mess…. ”

If you have fairly simple finance software, why not teach your mum how to use it and offer her a small remuneration for her time?
My hubby’s business has taken off like mad – and amongst managing his website, scheduling his clients, invoicing and producing quotes etc and I also maintain his financial software (we use cashflow manager – very simple and keeps our accountant happy) – sometimes Im even out on the job painting or even just doing his Bunnings shopping…! And all for small remuneration of love – oh and having a happy husband who was able to quit his full-time job and go it solo!!
Good luck with it all – don’t forget school mums too -they can be a great asset to any small business – as they don’t always fit the full-time model and just need to do something!!
Oh also – the other forum members are so correct – It’s not about making a sale; its about making a customer ~ over 75% of our income this past 6 months have been Return Customers and their friends!!