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Adam Hodgson
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CWilliams, post: 183014 wrote:
I’m thinking I need some help with writing a business plan – yes, i dont have one… And a marketing plan and all the other plans that i’m supposed to have…
My Mum was helping me the other day to go through my emails, although, she seems to think its just a 5 min job…
Someone to fill out my finance software would be good – i havent done it since June 13… Sigh, its all such a mess…. Sorry, i’m venting…

Has anyone hired overseas help?? I hate, hate, hate the idea, but i don’t know if i can afford helpers here yet :(

Thank you all once again, I’ve never posted on here, so its nice to have people to talk to…

Do the business plan and marketing plan yourself, or with advisors … but it can wait. Get through the immediate challenges.

Before I right the next piece of advice …Full disclosure: We have a business where we have an office in the Philippines supporting our Australian clients. We have people doing finance, marketing, SEO, data entry, websites and other technology work. Overseas helpers are used by millions of small businesses in Australia and around the world. You would be missing out on many things, and potentially even lose your business if you do not consider this. The costs are generally 1/3 to1/4 of the local option and many times it is difficult to get someone to do manual tasks here.

Feel free to reply if you have questions or call me directly if you need to chat.